I had a physical a few years ago, and my doctor is awesome and we talked about what I eat. I was told I am a semi-vegetarian meaning I eat a lot of veggies when I can, and fish and meat but not everyday. I found that phrase to be HI-LAR-IOUS! Well there is a new one. Flexitarian. Also makes me laugh. But it got me thinking about all those food boxes we put ourselves in and the meaning or the word diet. I follow a diet not to loose weight but to be healthy. To be honest it has no negative connotations for me. My diet changes as my environment changes.

In Alaska it is very hard to get fresh produce in the winter, but very easy in the summer. Based on that my diet changed from summer to winter. Here, there is a TON of fruit everywhere! So I eat a lot of fruit. I never thought about what to call my diets, I just did them. However, now that I am trying to change the dinner menu and actually make a menu I am finding (much to my chagrin) these trendy words make it easier to find new recipes. I want some balanced dinner ideas that are mostly vegetarian and you know what, looking for flexitarian dinners returns more of what I want.
Oh well, everything has a purpose right?
what sort of healthy snacks do you love? I love tomatoes! I like to eat them fresh with a little bit of salt! 🙂 Yum!