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miss me?

I’ve been around, doing stuff…. I do feel bad though I promise!

I participated in the pilot episode of a new what I would call 201+ podcast (you know beyond the 101) called Divine Community!
I was also invited to participate in a panel disusions about science and religion for IncitingARiot episode 60! I still need to listen to it (ok I’ll be honest I am scared to listen to myself….) but when I get around to it if I decide I disagree with myself (I am totally allowed to do that) I will post a (retraction?/correction?/argument with myself?) but I can tell you right now this is a good example of me being the science side where I am trying to not offend people and be correct… without going 100% into my science side… if that even makes sense! HA! I confuse myself.

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  1. Sophia Catherine

    Yay – I love that you think my show's a 201! Especially since I'm still totally a 101 Pagan 😀 It was great to have you on the show, and we definitely have to get you back for a proper interview sometime 🙂

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