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School magic

I have been cleaning my office today and I noticed something I guess I have noticed before but not given voice to. The energies of my different classes. Before every class starts I buy a notebook to take notes. Binders come later when I get a feel for the paper load and therefore size of binder required for the class. These notebooks I have only ever used for 1 class. Occasionally, I will pick one up for some random notes but it just feels wrong. I also stopped taking the note pages out and putting them in the binders because that also feels wrong.

So I started thinking about this. Why is there such a repulsion of other notes by these notebooks? I think its because of the energy I put into my studies. I am a lifelong student. I love my classes. I pour my heart and soul into my work. So these notebooks embody the energies of the class I took them too. When I pick up the volcanology notebook for my undergrad it is still filled with the energy of that specific class.

So I guess you could say I have charged notebooks. I change them with energy specific to the class I used them in. Does anyone else have a similar experience?



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  1. Alessa

    Absolutely! I especially find this to be the case with my different notebooks that house different novel ideas. When I start working on a new idea I need a new notebook (as much of a pain as that is) because it just doesn't feel right otherwise, there is too much energy, too much history in that notebook. (There are exceptions, sometimes if the novel is in the same vein or spirit as the novel that was started in it, it might get “accepted”)

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