Its still erupting!

Death toll is now 140+ and the eruption intensified since I recoded the podcast.

I urge you to keep up with this story even though it might be hard…
thank you media for finding something new and shiny
Eruptions blog is a good place to keep up to date!

The state of me
I had high hopes for getting caught up on blogging this weekend and doing some writing other then my thesis but… I have been a little under the weather for the past few days and have been hibernating… which might also have to do with the fact that I woke up to how short the days are getting this week, it sneaks up on you!

A Little AK
its cold but no that cold
The days are short but there is sunlight
and we don’t have a senator
In case you ever thought there could be no write in winner in a senate campaign…
Let me remind you that this is AK
there are less of us
and we are crazy
normal rules do not apply here
at all.
so Murkowski and Miller have lawyer-ed up
and now we wait.
the good news is we passed the ballot initiative thing to fund more school projects! I like those! 🙂