Chemical formula: Fe3O4
Black or brownish-black with a metallic luster
Mohs hardness of 5-6 and black streak

The curie temperature of magnetite is 858 k

Naturally magnetized pieces are called lodestones and attack small pieces of iron
Used in paleo-magnetics

Reacts with oxygen to make hematite which is NOT magnetic, reheat and add oxygen to get it, magnetite is very stable, so you have to take it above stability point

Major source of iron ore

A lodestone is a piece of naturally magnetized piece of magnetite

One of the first references to lodestone is in the 6th century BCE by the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus (credited with the discovery of the lodestones attraction to iron and other lodestones, the name magnet may from the lodestones found in magnesia a portion of ancient Thessaly Greece.)

In china the earliest literary reference is in the 4th century BC in a book called BOOK OF THE DEVIL VALLEY MASTER “ the lodestone makes iron come or it attracts it”

From Lucky Mojo
used to attract power, factors, love, money, gifts, etc…

From melody
Enables you to recognize and distinguish between dualities which exist in your environment
Balances male/female aspects of ones body mine and emotions and stimulates consciousness for each moment
Assists in relieving burdens and in bringing to fruition what it is you want
Encourages holding fast to purpose and eliminating confusion of purpose and balancing unexpected occurrences
Promotes motivation and confidence eliminating insecurity and dependence
Provides guidance
“in the past” used to test fidelity if unfaithful or un-loyal ones wife or husband or partner would fall out of bed when touched by the lodestone
And it assists in the removal of energy blockages, inducing the free flow of strength of the body to renew itself

Kathleen says:
Attraction, attraction, attraction! Oh and alignment as well!