Physical Characteristics
Bornite also known as “Peacock ore”

chemical formula: Cu5FeS4
Hardness: 3
Luster: metallic if fresh, iridescent tarnish

Distinguishing features:
The brownish bronze color of fresh surfaces distinguishes bornite from chalcopyrite.

Bornite is common in copper bearing hydrothermal sulfide deposits and is mined as a source of copper but is not as important as chalcopyrite.

Metaphysial properties:

Melody (2):
Bornite facilitate the synthesis of the chakras and be useful in the individual activation of the chakras. It can bring freshness and newness to ones life and stimulates the inner spirit to seek further heights.

It is a stone of happiness, and protects from negative energy bombardment and assists in the recognition of the source of the negativity. It is also an excellent healing stone.

(1) Introduction to Mineralogy, by William D. Nesse
(2) Love is in the earth, a kaleidoscope of crystals, by Melody