(an article about a geology blogger I found interesting)

Why I Blog: Erik Klemetti (Eruptions)

I started blogging out of frustration with the lack of knowledgeable commentary on volcanic eruptions on the Internet in early 2008. It all came to a head when a mystery volcano in southern Chile erupted (this turned out to be the eruption of Chaitén). I searched in vain for some place that was collecting the unfolding information on the eruption and putting it in a geologic context (in other words, the opposite of most mainstream media coverage of geologic events). So, I decided to start my own blog to do just that: take all the random news reports, volcano observatory news releases, satellite images/remote sensing data, and downright rumors and offer commentary on it all through the lens of someone who studies volcanoes for a living…. (READ THE ARTICLE)

The Eruptions Blog