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Kathleens super fun story for today!

Ok its story time!
Once upon a time ( a few years ago ) my Prince Charming took a trip to Regina, Canada. He went to the Mountie Museum. In this museum there was a display of machine guns used to repel an invasion from the US. wait what!? Serious!? WHAT!?

Here is the story, a group of Alaskans (oh yeah!) called “The Order of the Midnight Sun” threatened to invade Canada. They never did but the Mounties took it VERY seriously!

My take? I can’t find much on this online (if you know more let me know! I love this story!)
It was about gold ( things tend to be about gold up here ) and they got drunk and either then threatened or forgot…


Anyways I wanted to share this story, I like the name “Order of the Midnight Sun”

Thats my super fun story of the day not that I have one every day but I have one for today!


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  1. Meical

    huh. if there's any info on the interwebs, it's well hidden.

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