Mineraloid not really a mineral!
Composition: SiO2*nH2O
Some opal needs to be kept in water or it dries out and cracks
Hardness: 5.5 -6.5
(less then quartz)
Luster: vitreous, waxy, greasy, dull
Streak: white
No cleavage
Concoidal fracture
Only a mineral for historical reasons not a true mineral its cristobalite and tridymite and amorphous silica
4 types:
§ Opal –CT
§ Opal C
§ Opal AG (amorphous )
§ Opal –AN (anhydrous = no water)

Fluorescent, Short UV=greenish yellow, Long UV=white. ( web mineral)
From the Old Indian upala – “precious stone.” (web mineral)

Found: hot springs deposits, petrified wood, and voids in volcanic rocks, cements sedimentary rocks, and the shells of diatoms.
Distinguished from quartz: inferior hardness.
(Introduction to Mineralology)

Color called fire due to the stacking of uniform spheres (and uniform stacking) diffracts light. (Love is in the Earth)
Jo says: money, want to be invisible, night vision
Kathleen says: signifier of water (it has water in it!)

Cunningham reference says:
– all planets (Jo: Venus)
– all elements (Jo: fire, Kathleen: water)
– cupid
– bay leaf
– astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power
– has been seen as back luck but that’s due to a reference (Water Scott Anne of Gierstein)
– all the colors and qualities of other stones, can charge with energies of other stones ( stand in for other stones)
– program or change to meet needs
– create invisibility wrap ion bay leaf
– blending in, in crowds
– helps with eye site
– astral projection and worn for protection and help in projections
– recall past incarnations
– favored to develop psychic powers
– warn to bring out inner beauty

Love is in the earth says:
– associations with cancer, Libra, Pisces and Scorpio
– amplification of traits of characteristics overcome lesser attributes
– recognize and fuel creativity
– Instill faithfulness and loyalty in love, friends, and business.
– Astral projection, happy dreams and changes
– Awaken oycic and mystical qualities
– Grounding.
– Common:
o Increase earn and retain money and self worth
o Balance male and female energies
o Align chakras
§ Proper flow and energy and alignment with your higher self
– Used to invoke visions!

Media Astra Ac Terra episode 13 had opal in it!
– Found on Mars!
– October birthstone
– Found in Australia
– Fire opal in Mexico
– Nevada opal!
– Romans: foresight and prophecies (maybe not the same stone)
– Protect against diseases.