Thinking about rocks

I am surrounded by them, all the time. I do use them a lot in my magical practice so I took the time to think about the ones on my alter and what I use them to represent. And turns out, mostly its where I found them and how they formed.

I have river cobles and beach stones that have been warn smooth by the water, and that’s what I associate them with, the power of water. I also have bits of coral and shells and a crab shell that I found on the beach (note: if it’s a shell that say a hermit crab could use for a home I usually leave them, I like weathered bits of shells more then whole ones)

Lava! I have a lot of different volcanoes, I have ash from Mt Redoubt, rocks from Hawaii (I have an opinion about that curse… and some inside information I’ll tell you if you ask me 😉 ) some from Mt St Helens area, and a few other places (obsidian from Nevada….) This I associate with fire, and power and magma! Again back to how it formed, most of them violently!

I have large calcite crystals that precipitated from water, cool other rocks, that formed in a variety of ways, meta-sediments, sediments, fossils, to me these are earth, the constant recycling of material on the surface, brings to mind the cycle of explosions of life and mass extinction, and the rock cycle.

I don’t have rocks that mean air to me right now, but if I got my hand on some wind carved sandstone or nice dune cross beds, those rocks would be air to me and the power of the wind.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I have always felt that the energies in stones come more from how they were formed, or eroded then what their chemical make up is. I’ll try and come up with some good GEO 101 info on different rock forming environments. I tend to think they are pretty damn cool, but then I am a geologist

Oh and I am going fossil hunting this weekend! EEEEE so exciting!