Today is writing day for me! Processing data can get boring so I decided that every other day should be a day when I just write, even if not specifically on my thesis, just to get those writing juices flowing again!

What is this blog going to be about? Well, as a scientist I am trained to question everything. And I do. I am pagan, and one of the early draws was there is no one book that tells you what to think and how to act, and that fits my way I view the world. I am a do it myself, my way and then maybe I’ll listen to you kind of person, mostly because I believe thats the best way to learn, to get your hands dirty.

Sometimes I feeling the being pagan, and being a scientist are not the best match, but why the hell not!? So thats what this blog is going to be about, I love science and I love pagan thinking! So I will post little tid-bits of both!

take care!
Dusk (Monkey)
P.S. On the names thing… I accumulate them… Dusk has always been my “pagan” name and Monkey is a nickname that stuck. either one works and I will most likely switch between both depending on my mood!