One of my podcasts I love to listen to at work and at home is To the Best of Our Knowledge. it is an excellent podcast for an npr fan like me! The other day they did a show called Sacred Nature and the third segment was about something the guest called “Dark Green Religion”.
“sociologist Bron Taylor tells Steve Paulson that we’re witnessing the birth of a new “dark green religion.” His book is “Dark Green Religion – Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future.” and he talks about scientists… if you are going to listen to it and don’t want to listen to the whole episode the section I am talking about is at 42 minutes in.

Dark Green Religion – nature based spirituality, beliefs and practices where nature is considered scared, and is related to the Darwinian concept that all creatures should be considered kin because they have all come about through the same evolutionary processes, and all life shares a common ancestor. Doesn’t need to involve belief in non material divine beings or spirits.

mystic minded scientists:
A lot of scientists feel a deep sense of awe and wonder at the mysteries of the universe but this author had a hard time getting them to go on the record because well… you don’t mix science and religious thinking…

And I think thats actually the reason I went into science, my love for nature and the world around me lead me to want to understand it more, and so I study it!

well thats all for now!